Emotion Regulation

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  • Emotion Regulation
    • Various strategies for ER
      • Reappraisal - Gross 2002 Reappraisal and Suppression. Reappraisal happens early on by changing way situation is constructed to reduce it impact. Suppression happens later and inhibits feeling the emotion
        • Goldin et al 2001. Reappraisal reduced negative experience and reduced amygdala as did suppression but increased amygdala
      • Gross 1998 both REAP decresed disgust to amputation film. supp no overt showing but increased   bodily respone
      • Gross 2003 -  reap reduces negative emotion and bodily response, Supp affect memory - see film of married argument cant reccal with great certainty
        • Halperin 2012 - REAP - changing meaning of the sit to change emotional response to it. Jewish isrealis shown photos that enduced anger, some trained some not. then shown video about israeli palestine conflict. Reap expresses less anger to palestinians and great support for reconcilliation policies - REAP can influence intergroup emotion not just intrapersonal
    • Dunn 2009 - Suprression had less fear when viewing car crash video  but reduced memory less overt showing of emotion Acceptance remembered more but had more negative response to stimuli - suppression coulde help in some situations
    • Mason and Hargreaves 2001 that continually treating depression with mindfullness in realtion to their lives reduced negative mood symptoms associated with depression - continual teaching of minfulness good
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