Emile Durkheim

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  • Emile Durkheim
    • Anomie: breakdown of norms, where you no longer feel like part of society
      • He found that suicide was more common in protestant countries and that the suicide rate actually went down during times of political upheaval
    • Division of labour
      • specialised workers needed to co-operate in order to produce a range of products, in this process, they become interdependence on each other
      • Positive
      • This interdependence would lead to the development of rules that provide a framework for future co-operatio, reinforcing social solidarity.
    • crime
      • Common in advanced industrial area (only a problem if the crime rate is too high)
      • He argued: social change began with some form of deviant behaviour and that a certain amount of change was important if society was to remain healthy
      • A natural + inevitable part of human life
    • He believed: sociology needed to be more scientific. he played the foundation of functionalism


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