Brunner vs Barth

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  • Emil Brunner vs Karl Barth
    • Brunner
      • Natural
      • Understood both sides, but thought it was most important to have natural theology
      • NT is a point of contact before you get to revealed theology
      • 'Imago dei'- image of God
        • Humans lost a material god at the Fall but still have imago dei
        • Exists spiritually
        • Sin blinds humans to Gods natural grace, we only know his existence
      • Grace and revelation (from faith) only allows us to work out who God is
      • Closer to Calvin
    • Barth
      • Revealed
      • Material self is too corrupted for natural theology
      • No 'point of contact'
      • God's law are divine, therefore differ from Natural law order
      • NT undermines faith and over emphasises reason
        • False understanding of what God is like
          • Idolotry- false idol
      • 'NEIN!'
      • Good reason to oppose NT
        • Nazis were on the rise, they were all for natural knowledge
      • Very extreme position of revelation
    • 1936


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