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  • Emigration
    • Voluntary Departures
      • 37,000 Jews
      • Encouraged but assets seized
      • Skilled and those with families - accepted by other countries
      • Zionism encouraged - but very few
      • Those who didn't
        • Restrictions in other countries
        • Restrictions by Britain in Palestine
        • Older Germans wanted to stay - felt German
        • Many thought it would pass
    • Reich Office for Jewish Emigration
      • After chaos in Anschluss - promoted more order and efficiency
      • Jurisdiction over Jewish affairs by Goeing bypassed
      • Reich association of Jews in Germany
        • Suited Nazis because Jewish affairs then had to be dealt with by Jews themselves
      • Promoting the emigration of Jews - 'by every possible means'
    • Kinder -transport
      • Voluntary organisations and privates in Britain
      • Refuge to young people up to 17 years
      • 1938-39


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