Emergence of Catholic threat

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  • Emergence of the Catholic threat
    • 1568 - English training college at Douai
      • 1st official challenge to Elizabethan Church
      • Haigh - "an instant educational success"
      • 1575 - 11 secular priests arrived in England from Douai
        • 1580 - 100 secular priests
    • however, work of priests was rudimentary
      • no infrastructural framework they could use
      • had to work from homes of Catholic gentry and nobility
        • sustained faith of gentry hosts
        • did little to sustain faith of humble Catholics
        • Couldn't seek converts
    • Society of Jesus (Jesuits) begin mission in England in 1580
      • had already re-Catholicised Lutheran parts of Germany and doing missionary work in Far East
      • Historians have written lot about Jesuits - left lot of evidence of their activities
      • Highly intelligent and dedicated to cause of restoration of Catholicism
      • Edmund Campion captured and executed in 1581


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