Embryos: modern examples (Morality 5)

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  • Embryos: Modern examples
    • Whilst there are examples of the law changing due to social values, the law also reflects the relationship between changing technology and morals, therefore keeping up to date with current affairs
    • The creation of 3 person embryos has recently caused much debate as to whether they should be allowed to be created to avoid some genetic diseases.
      • The law has changed to allow the creation of these but this went against arguments put forth by the church and others who felt it was morally wrong to interfere with creation of life and to 'play God'
    • In the past, 'test-tube' babies were seen as being very unethical and many people opposed to it, however over time people have accepted that creating babies outside the human body is safe and is now commonly used to help families who can't have children.


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