Embryology, Fertility Treatment and Cloning

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  • Embryology, Fertility Treatment and Cloning
      • Artificial Insemination
        • AIH
        • AID
          • Sperm collected and inserted into uterus where fertilisation should occur naturally
            • AIH
        • Usually considered fine- most natural methods outlined
        • RC- AID= adultery
      • IVF
        • In Vitro Fertilisation
        • Eggs fertilised outside womb, embryos implanted into uterus
        • spare embros destroyed
          • RC- life begins at conception
            • Destroying embryos= murder
      • GIFT
        • Gamete Intra- Fallopian Transfer
        • Eggs and sperm harvested + inserted directly into fallopian tube via catheter
        • RC's prefer it- eggs fertilised naturally
      • Egg donation
        • Donor egg fertilised by partner + implanted into uterus
      • Embryo donation
        • Egg and sperm from donor
      • Surrogacy
        • Woman volunteers to carry baby full term + gives to childless couple at birth
          • AI Surrogacy
            • Intended fathers sperm + surrogates egg
          • IVF Surrogacy
            • Embryo is created by intended parents + transferred to surrogate
          • Donor Surrogacy
            • Donor sperm/ egg
        • Surrogate sometimes dies/ decides to keep baby
      • Psalm 139: 13, 16
      • Jeremiah 1:5
      • 1 Samuel 1:5
      • Somatic Cell Gene Therapy
        • DNA alterations remain in body- cannot be passed on
      • Germ Line Gene therapy
        • Reproduction cells- alterations passed on
      • Enhancement genetic engineering
        • DNA altered to change physical appearance
      • Therapeutic cloning
        • Tissue created to replace damaged cells by using stem cells from embryos
      • Admixed embryos
        • Combining animal DNA to provide a source of stem cells
        • legal in 2008
      • 'Saviour siblings'
        • Embryos created with right DNA to provide transplants for sick siblings
      • RC disagree
        • Against natural law/ Sanctity of Life
        • Humans shouldn't be used as a means to end . they are an end in themselves


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