Embryo Screening

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    • People who have, or think they have, an allele for a genetic disorder can decide to have their embryo screened at a very early stage of pregnancy.
    • Tests the embryo for specific alleles. If it's certain that the embryo will develop an inherited disorder, the couple can ask for a termination (abottion)
    • ECONOMIC ISSUES (related to money)
      • Will it cost parent extra money to support a child with a disorder?
      • Does someone with the disorder need lots of hospital treatment and/or drugs?
    • SOCIAL ISSUES (related to people and society)
      • If the child needs care throughout life, who will do it if the parents can't?
      • If the child needs lots of care, is this fair on other children in the family?
    • ETHICAL ISSUES (related to right/wrong and fairness)
      • Does an embryo have the same right to life as a person? If so, is it right to abort an embryo that will develop the disease?
      • Screening carries a very small risk of damaging the embryo-should parents take the risk?


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