EM radiation and atmosphere

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  • EM radiation and the atmosphere
    • some radiation from the sun passes through the atmosphere
    • the earths atmosphere filters out some radiation from the sun by absorbing or reflecting it
    • the earth emits some EM radiation back into space
    • most radiation from the earth is infrared
    • emitted radiation from the earth is at a lower frequency than it is when emitted from the sun
    • infrared radiation is absorbed by carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour
    • these gasses re-radiate heat back to earth
    • the atmosphere acts as an insulating layer
    • atmosphere keeps earth warm at night
    • ozone layer protects us from too much UV radiation
    • greenhouse effect helps to regulate earth's temperature
    • ozone layer absorbs UV radiation
    • ozone layer is made up of oxygen
    • ozone molecule is O3
    • amount of ozone is usually constant
    • loss of ozone can cause holes in the oxone layer


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