Elizabethan Kenilworth

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  • Elizabethan Kenilworth
    • Dudley
      • Earl of Leicester
      • Acquired the dilapidated castle in 1563
      • Elizabeth's favourite noble
      • Only man Elizabeth ever considered marrying.
      • Turned Kenilworth into an amazing palace to impress Elizabeth and show status
    • Changes
      • New English garden with aviary and personalised features
      • Leicester's gatehouse for show of status and convenience
      • New Leicester's building for Elizabeth's accommodation, for her Ladies in waiting and in honour, and storage also.
      • Innovative and very new architecture to show cultured nature of Dudley and status
      • New lantern windows were the very fist of their kind, and showed wealth and status
      • New keep windows and art gallery in keep.
      • New horse stables
    • Purpose
      • To impress queen Elizabeth
      • Coaxed Elizabeth into wanting to marry him
      • Housed the queen and her court whilst on progress 4 times
      • Dudley constantly made changes for Elizabeth's strict needs. She even had a personal staircase and dancing chamber


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