Elizabethan Foreign Policy 1558-1603

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  • Elizabethan Foreign Policy 1558-1603
    • Use France as a Counter-weight to Spanish Power in NL
      • Failure
        • Treaty of Jonville 1580: Spain signed agreement with Catholic League in France, alliance made it likely he'd support MQS and launch invasion into England
        • Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis 1559:Ended struggle between France and Spain leaving Spain the dominant power there
      • Success
        • Treaty of Blois 1572: Replaced idea of marriage to Anjou with a formal alliance against Spain, Eliz. offered £60,000 support
          • Quickly foundered as Eliz. wasn't prepared to go to War. Eng gave unofficial support to huegonots,
    • Protect the Channel Coast-Line
      • Failure
        • Outbreak of Revolt of the Netherlands 1566-67
          • Duke of Elba sent to crush rioting by Calvinists, increased fears the army would be turned on England after.
      • Success
        • Financial Aid 1576: Elizabeth sent the Dutch Estates-General £100,000 of financial assistance to repel Spanish forces
        • Expulsion of Sea Beggars: Forced them to land in Dutch ports where they sparked off full scale revolt against the Spanish
    • Avoid War
      • Success
        • Refusal to send troops 1576: Refused to send troops to NL to aid in "Spanish Fury", despite being urged by Leicester
      • Failure
        • Treaty of Nonsuch 1585: Agreed to send 7,000 troops to the Dutch Protestant Rebels -> Eng now going to war with Spain
        • Knighting Sir Francis Drake: seized gold from the Spanish, Philip saw him as a Pirate and was infuriated he wasn't treated as such
    • Protect the Antwerp Cloth Trade
      • Failure
        • December 1568: Elizabeth seized bullion being transported through the channel, leading Philip to respond by banning trade between England and NL. Alba confiscated all British ships docked at ports in the NL.
      • Success
        • Overseas Trade: Establishment of overseas trade led to the countries economic interests being served by these networks e.g. Muscovy Company with Russia,
        • Elizabeth banned all trade with NL, causing both sides to back down and normalized trade relations by 1544.


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