Elizabethan Britain

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  • Elizabethan Britain
    • Initial Problems
      • Religious conflict between protestants and Catholics
      • Prejudiced ideas of the limitations of Elizabeth as she was a woman
        • the country was poor and at war with the Catholic France
          • War led to increased taxation
      • Decline in the cloth industry - inflation, unemployment, poverty and vagrancy increased
    • Parliament
      • role was to advise monarch, raise taxes and pass laws
        • MP's were prejudiced- thought Elizabeth was weak and indecisive- especially with catholics and marriage
          • Their role became more important when dealing with the Spanish Armada and poverty
        • Elizabeth didn't have interest in their opinion- until 1586 as to whether she should execute Mary
      • In 1601 - Golden Speech, used to falter her MPs and promises reform
    • Loyalty
      • Portraits
        • propaganda- to look young and powerful so that people believe she is a successful monarch
        • Portraits were used to celebrate achievement-and were kept by nobles to ensure loyalty
      • progresses
        • develop relationships with her nobles - also saves money
        • Staged routes were publicised so people could see her - creates a positive, popular image
    • Poverty
      • Vagabonds
        • Large groups terrorising, robbing and stealing from villages
        • Individuals or small groups that made themselves appear ill and begged - Counterfeit Cranks
      • Why did poverty increase?
        • landownersstarted to keep sheep instead of crops - people lost their land due to enclosures and unemploy-ment
        • The population rise and economic factors such as the decline of the clothe trade
        • The Poor harvest in 1590's led to widespread famine
          • The dissolution of the monasteries had also removed the only support available to poor people


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