Elizabeth Proctor

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  • Elizabeth Proctor
    • employed Abigail - dismissed her
    • defended by John
      • "You'll speak nothin' of Elizabeth"
      • guilty because he committed adultery
        • "You'll speak nothin' of Elizabeth"
    • act two - frostiness between her & John
      • strained relationship
    • finding it difficult to forgive John
    • "Your justice would freeze beer"
      • not prepared to forgive, warm to him
    • "I do not judge you"
    • name mentioned in court
      • "somewhat mentioned"
    • "spoke or silent, a promise is surely made"
      • promise between John & Abigail
    • "thinks to kill me, then take my place"
    • "If you think I am one, then I say there are none"
      • referring to witches goes against the bible
    • "a woman that never lied, and cannot, and the world knows she cannot"
      • John - admiration & loyalty to Elizabeth
    • "she must be ripped out of this world"
      • referring to Abigail, misinterpreted, could be used against her
    • lies in order to save John's reputation
      • only time in her life she has lied was to protect John
    • "I think that be the devil's argument"
    • "I am not your judge, I cannot be"
    • "whatever you will do, it is a good man that does it"
      • supportive of John, she won't influence him either way
    • "He have his goodness now, God forbid I take it from him"
    • "it is not my soul John, it is yours"
    • "I never knew such goodness in the world"


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