The Crucible - Elizabeth Proctor

A mindmap analysing the character of Elizabeth Proctor. Not much for Acts III and IV that I could find! 

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  • Elizabeth Proctor
    • Act II
      • Her relationship with Proctor is cold and impassionate
        • Mundane conversation
          • Short monosyllables such as 'Aye'
        • 'Its winter in here yet'
        • Stage Directions
          • Description of the house - 'long', 'low' and 'dark'
          • 'her back is turned to him'
      • Loyal and honest woman
        • Tries to remain loyal even though John has committed adultery
          • 'She doesn't want friction'
        • Controlled and calm
          • contrast between the actions of her husband and her own actions
            • Proctor is described as ‘astonished’, ‘wide-eyed’ and ‘scoffing’ whereas Elizabeth is shown as ‘quiet’ and ‘lofty’. 
        • Remains loyal to her family throughout
          • ' will bake in the afternoon'
      • Not afraid to speak her mind
        • Outspokenness aginst Hale
          • Shocking given Hale's position as a 'specialist'
          • Mirrors John's personality
          • It shows that she is principled, proud and courageous
            • She is placed in chains to symbolise her physical weaknesses but her courage highlights her mental strength
        • ‘She [Abigail] must be ripped out of this world’
          • Shows Elizabeth's principles and outspokenness
          • Can be quite dangerous in the context of the hysteria
    • Act III
      • Loyalty
        • She lies to save John's reputation
          • 'Oh God!'
            • Tries to save John but ends up condemning him instead
    • Act IV
      • Changes in her speech
        • In Act II it is stilted but in Act IV it is warm and loving
      • John?Elizabeth's relationship is more loving and warmer
        • 'pouring her heart out'
      • She recognises her own failings
        • 'It takes a cold wife to prompt lechery'
        • 'It were a cold house I kept'
  • She transforms from a 'quiet' woman to more outspoken against the Church


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