Elizabeth I's Background

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  • Elizabeth I's Background
    • Character
      • She was very quick witted and clever.
      • She had a quick temper like her father, but she could also charm like him.
      • She was compared to Henry VII for being a miser.
      • She was cultured in in arts, music, literature and languages.
      • She  studied theology and was very keen to promote the Bible in English. The Bible had always been in Latin, and priests told people how to interpret it. If the Bible was in English, people could have their own interpretations. Catholics hated this, protestants supported it.
      • She liked to look good. She loved clothes, ornaments and jewels. Her clothes were always very intricate, expensive and one-of-a-kind.
      • During the final years of her reign she became unpredictable. Her health deteriorated, and perhaps her mind did too. She had more of a temper and less charm
    • Family
      • Parents
        • Henry VIII
          • Famous for marrying 6 times.
          • Created the Church of England so that he could remarry multiple times.
          • Known for his temper- Henry executed more people during his reign than any other monarch.
        • Anne Boleyn
          • She was beheaded by Henry due to her inability to bring him a son.
            • Elizabeth was 3 when her mum died- she had to live with the scandal. Elizabeth was declared illegitimate for a period.
          • Henry VIII's second wife.
          • Lived 1501-1536. Married Henry in 1533
        • As a teen, Henry's final wife, Catherine Parr, acted as a mother figure and influenced Elizabeth's Protestant ideas.
      • Siblings
        • Mary I
          • Lived 1516-1558. Reigned 1153-1558.
          • Known as "Bloody Mary' as she executed over 300 Protestants
          • Hated Elizabeth- she was a byproduct of the displacing of her own mother, and she hated that Elizabeth was Protestant.
          • A devout catholic. She was firmly against the Reformation.
          • Married Philip II of Spain in 1554
            • Mary quickly married Philip because he could provide an heir to the throne (so that it wouldn't be Elizabeth). Also, he was a Catholic.
          • Henry's first child.
            • Her mother was Catherine of Aragon (divorced).
        • Edward VI
          • Henry VIII's first and only son.
            • His mother was Jane Seymour (died).
          • Lived 1537-1553. Reigned 1547-1553.
    • Appearance
      • Elizabeth had an erect posture and very pale skin, which people said practically glowed.
      • Her aquiline nose and reddish-gold hair reminded everyone of her father, who was remembered as a decisive leader.
      • She had extremely long and slender hands and fingers.
    • Interests/ Talents
      • She was an expert horsewoman, who used her equestrian antics to frighten others (including  Master of the Horse, Robert Dudley).
      • She mastered the art of appearing stately and regal when it mattered, but moved quickly in private.
      • She loved watching dancing and dancing herself.
      • She loved fashion- always having the finest clothing and jewellery.
        • She was the fashion icon of her era.


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