Elizabeth I Foreign Policy from 1558 - 1568 (Spain, Scotland, Netherlands and France)

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  • In 1558 P2 preffered a heretic queen over MQS who would be controlled by the Fr
  • MQS to Eng in 1561 when F1 died
    • Scotland
      • Treaty of Edinburgh 1560;
        • Fr + Eng troops left Scot
        • MQS would no longer use Royal coat of arms
        • Peace with Scot from here until end of reign
      • Lords of Congregation revolt - 1559:
        • Treaty of Berwick (1560) brought in Eng intervention into revolt
          • Mary of Guise died in 1560
      • Scot revolt against MQS in favour of her son; MQS fled to Eng in 1568
        • MQS being in Eng was cause of N. Rebellion
    • Married Darnely (distant claim to Eng throne Instead of Dudley (which Eliz wanted).
    • MQS forced to abdicate in 1567
  • Calvinist risings began in 1566 against Sp rule
    • Eng raided rebelliom to prevent Sp occupation of coastline
      • Not outright military support as 75% of Eng cloth went through Sp controlled Neth


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