Elements of Drama

Elements of Drama Mind Map

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  • Elements of Drama
    • Plot, action and content
      • The plot of the drama is shown in the through line of the drama.
      • Action consists in the events that the characters take part in as they act the play
      • Content of the drama lies in the themes it deals with
    • Dramatic Form
      • Mime, coral readings, commedia dell'arte (improvised theatre)
      • Melodrama, physical theatre, combinations of various forms and styles
    • Climax/Anti-Climax
      • Crucial as it creates a sense of expectation in the audience
    • Contrast
      • Useful way to focus the audience's attention. Holds their interest
    • Characterisation
      • The aw an actor plays a role using their acting skills to create a character.
    • Dramatic Conventions
      • Slow motion, freeze-frame, audience aside, soliloquy, establishingo ne part of the space as one locations and another as a different location
    • Symbols
      • Representations standing in for real things


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