Actus Reus

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  • Actus Reus
    • The guilty act
    • Voluntary Act
      • A deliberate act from the defendant
      • A 'conscious exercise of will'
    • Involuntary Act
      • Not being in control of ones body
        • Hill V Baxter
      • State of Affairs Crimes
        • Larsonneur
    • Omissions
      • Failure to do something
      • Liable if you have a duty to act
      • Statutory/Contractual Agreement
        • R V Dytham
      • Voluntarily agreeing to look after another
        • R V Stone and Dobbinson
      • Creating a dangerous situation
        • R V Miller
      • Continuing Act
        • Fagan V MPC
      • Doctor's duties
        • Airedale NHS Trust V Bland
    • Causation
      • Factual Causation
        • Defendant must've caused the harm
          • R V White
        • Proven with the 'but for' test
          • R V Pagett
          • 'but for the defendants acts, the offence wouldn't have occurred'
      • Legal Causation
        • Defendants acts were a significant contribution
        • Proven by the chain of causation
          • R V Jordan
            • R V Smith tried to claim that medical acts break the chain of causation
        • Reasonably foreseeable act
          • R V Pagett
        • Escape cases
          • R V Dear
          • Intervening acts are so daft they couldn't be foreseen
            • R V Roberts
        • Thin skull rule
          • Refuse medical treatment
            • R V Holland
          • Physiological conditions
            • R V Haywood
          • Religious beliefs
            • R V Blaue
          • Take your victim as you find them
          • Pre existing weakness of the victim


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