Elements and the Periodic Table

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  • Elements and the Periodic Tabled
    • Elements, mixtures, and compounds
      • Element- A substance made out of one type of atom only
      • Compound- A substance made of more than one type of element chemically bonded together
      • Mixture: elements and compounds which are mixed but not chemically bound
      • Molecule: a group of atoms being bonded together
      • Sodium Chloride- NaCl- Compound- Molecule
    • The Periodic Table
      • The Periodic Table is a table of all the different type of elements.
      • Some common ones are:
        • H- Hydrogen
        • K- Potassium
        • Na- Sodium
        • Fe- Iron
        • Ca- Calcium
        • Co- Cobalt
        • Ni- Nickel
        • Cu- Copper
        • Ag- silver
        • Au- Gold
        • Zn- Zinc
        • B- boron
        • Al- Aluminium
        • C- Carbon
        • Sn- Tin
        • N- Nitrogen
        • P- Phosphorus
        • O- Oxygen       S- Sulphur     F- Fluorine     I- Iodine


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