Electrons in Atoms

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  • Electrons in Atoms
    • Periodic Properties
      • Ionization Energies
        • energy required to remove the valance electron from an ion or gaseous atom
      • Atomic Radius
        • half the distance between the centers of two atoms that are touching each other
      • Electronegativity
        • measure of the ability of an atom to form a chemical bond
      • Electron Affinity
        • ability of an atom to accept an electron
      • Trends of Periodicty
        • Moving left - right
          • Ionization energy increases
            • Electronegativity Increases
              • Atomic radius decreases
      • The periodicity of these properties follows trends as you move across a row or period of the periodic table or down a column or group
    • Electron Configuration
      • e.g Electron Configuration for Sodium (atomic number 11)  = 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3p1


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