Electron Transport Chain

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  • Electron Transport Chain
    • 1) Final stage of AEROBIC respiration and it involves oxidative phosphorylation - the use of oxygen to produce ATP from ADP + pi.
    • 2) It takes place in the inner membrane of the mitochondria.
    • Inner electrons are situated along the inner membrane
    • Each reduced NAD/reduced FAD (hydrogen acceptors) releases its hydrogen atom (splits into a H+ (proton) and an e- (electron)
    • The electrons are picked up by the first of the electron carriers (also known as cytochromes) the electron carrier i now reduced because it has gained electrons.
    • The NAD (oxidised) returns back to the Krebs cycle and will be re-used and will pick up more hydrogens
    • As the electrons are pumped along the series of corners, they go to a lower energy state, the energy is used to fuel the proton pump and pump protons from the matrix ---> intermembrane space (chemiosmosis)
    • At the end of the electron transport chain, the electrons re-combine with the H+ protons and are accepted by the final electron acceptor which is O2. Water is then formed.


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