Electromagnetic Induction

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  • Electromagnetic Induction
    • Creation of a pd across a conductor which is experiencing a change in magnetic field
    • Moving a magnet in a coil of wire induces a voltage
      • Cuts the magnetic field lines
      • If move magnet in opposite direction pd/current reversed too
      • If polarity of magnet reversed pd/current reversed too
    • Generator
      • As turn magnet, magnetic field through coil changes - change in field induces pd which can make current flow in wire
      • When magnet tuned half turn, direction of mf through coil reverses, pd reverses so current flows in opp direction
      • Keep turning magnet same direction, pd keep reversing every half turn - AC
    • Dynamos use electromagnetic induction to generate current
      • Used on bikes to power lights
      • Cog wheel at top position so touches one of wheels
      • As wheel moves turns cog which is attached to magnet - AC


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