Electromagnectic spectrum

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  • Electromagnectic Spectrum
    • Radio
      • Produced and detected from aerials
      • Used to broadcast TV and Radio, also used for emergency services
    • Microwave
      • High frequency, Short wavelength
      • Used to cook food and for mobile communication
    • Infrared
      • Herschel found infrared waves
      • Infrared waves have a longer wave length than red light
    • Visible
      • White light makes Colours
        • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
          • Red has the longest wave length reaching Infrared and Violet has the shortest wave length reaching UV.
    • X-Ray
      • Used in hospitals, airports detect metal
      • A very high voltage applied between electrodes
        • Electrons are accelerated and hit a tungsten target then the elctrons collide with tungsten atoms causing them to emit X-rays
      • Ionising radiation
    • UV
      • Found by Ritter, UV waves are shorter than violet light
      • It is harm and it comes from the sun, it can cause skin cancer
      • Three types: UV-A, UV-B, UV-C. UV-C is most harmful with the shortest WL. UV is ionising
    • Gamma
      • Kill cells, bacteria in food detect cancer and cure it. It is ionising and harmful


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