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  • Electrolysis
    • Electrolytes are ionic
      • Moves through liquid by the movement of ions
      • Electrolyte solidifies-ions are in fixed positions, current cannot flow
    • Electrolysis- flow of charge by moving ions
      • Discharge at electrodes
    • Other decompositio-ns correspond with the group the element is in in the periodic table
    • NaOH and H2SO4- hydrogen cathode, oxygen anode
      • CuSO4- copper cathode, oxygen anode
        • Cathode: Cu2+ +2e- -> Cu
        • Untitled
      • Amount of substance varies with time and current-calculated by ratios
      • Cathode: 2H+ + 2e- ---> H2
        • Anode: 4OH- - 4e- ---> 2H2O+O2
        • Hydrogen is made- sodium is higher in the reactivity series
    • Anode (NaCl) half equation: 2Cl- - 2e- ---> Cl2
      • Discharged as chlorine gas (2 Cl- ions gain 1 e-to form a Cl molecule)
      • Cathode (NaCl) half equation: Na+ + e- ---> Na
        • NaCl splits up ions, free to move


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