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  • Electrolysis
    • Electrolysis is the decomposition of an ionic compound into its elements by use of an electric current
      • Electrode is the conducting rod - graphite or copper - which electrons are conducted thrrough
        • When obtaining Aluminium the oxygen reacts with the carbon atoms to form carbon dioxide. They gradually wear away and need to be replaced.
      • The Anode is the positive electrode which attracts anions
        • Anions are negative ions
      • The Cathode is the negative electrode which attracts cations
        • Cations are positive ions
      • Electrolyte is a liquid - molten or salt dissolved in water - which conducts electricity and is decomposed in the process
    • The short line is the negative terminal and the long line is the positive terminal
  • The ore of Aluminium is bauxite.
  • Cans


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