Unit 3: Secondary Fuels - Electricity

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  • Secondary Fuels - Electricity
    • Advantages
      • Easy to transport
      • No pollution at the point of use
      • Easy to convert electricity to other energy forms e.g. sound, heat
    • Disadvantages
      • Cannot be stored
      • Energy efficiency from primary to secondary fuels is low
      • Pollution occurs at generation
    • Methods of Generation
      • Kinetic Energy
        • Fuel heated, converting water into steam
        • Steam turns turbine that spins an electrical conductor in a magnetic field
      • Light Energy
        • Photons strike photovoltaic cell and displace electrons (creating negatively charged surface)
        • Free electrons flow along conductor to power electrical appliances
      • Potential Energy
        • Water converted into kinetic energy as it falls
        • Used to turn a turbine
      • Chemical Energy
        • Redox reactions used
        • Electrons flowing can be used to power electrial equipment


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