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  • Electricity
    • Equations
      • V=W/Q
      • I=Q/t
      • R=V/I
      • P=IV
    • Definitions
      • Potential Differnce
        • Work done per coulomb or charge
        • In Parallel: Same across all components
        • In Series:Divided across components
      • Current
        • Flow of Charged Particles
        • In Parallel: Same along each branch
        • In Series: Same across all components
      • Resistance
        • How easily current passes through a conductor
          • Ohms Law
            • Resistance is constant if temperature constant
        • Types of Resistor
          • LDR: Greater resistance In dark
            • Uses: Security lights and digital cameras
          • Thermistor: Higher temperature means less resistance
          • Filament bulb: More current - more resistance
            • Why? Current is carried by electrons which do work & transfer energy, heating the filament so particles vibrate more so it is harder to pass.
    • Three Pin Plug
      • Neutral: BLue - Bottom Left
      • Live: BRown - Bottom Right
      • Earth: Yellow & Green STripes - Situated Top
    • Circuit Breakers
      • Fuses
        • In Live Wire
          • Melt due to large current through Earth and LIve
        • Use P=IV to choose
        • MCB: Uses an electromagnet
        • RCCB: CAn detect a difference of 30mA and cut supply in 40ms


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