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  • Electricity
    • Potential Dividers
      • Series
        • By using two resistors, it is possible to divide a voltage and create a different voltage between them.
        • V1/V2 = R1/R2  
      • Parallel
        • Have to work out parallel resistance as R2 before using equation.
        • V1/V2 = R1/R2  
    • Internal Resistance
      • The amount of resistance present in the power supply of a circuit.
      • Lost volts = Ir
        • E=V+Ir
          • E=I(r+R)
    • Resistivity
      • R=(pL)/A
      • A measure of the resisting power of a specified material to the flow of an electric current.
    • Electron Gun
      • An electrical component in some vacuum tubes that produces a narow electron beam that has a precise kinetic energy.
      • Computer monitors, televisions and cathode ray oscilloscopes.
    • Drift Velocity
      • The average velocity attained by charged particles in a material due to an electric field.
      • I=Anev
    • Ohm's Law
      • V=IR
      • The current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points.
    • Power
      • V=IR
      • W=QV
      • P=IV
      • Q=It
      • The amount of energy changing form per second.
    • Electromotive Force
      • E=V+Ir
        • E=I(r+R)
      • The voltage when there is no current travelling around the circuit.
    • V/I Characteristics
      • Diode: No voltage until the threshold voltage, where it spikes up.
      • Filament Lamp: A shallow S shape.
      • Resistor: Directly proportional.
      • Thermistor: Opposite S shape to filament lamp, increasing gradient.


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