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  • Electricity
    • Circuit symbols
    • Series and parallel
      • A series circuit is a circuit in which resistors are arranged in a chain
        • The current has only one path to take
        • The current is the same at all points
      • In parallel circuit, current will be shared between branches
        • But the current will always be equal the same at the cell
    • An ammeter measures current in a circuit, connected in a series-measures Amps
    • A voltmeter measures P.D. connected in parallel across a component
    • Potential Difference-PD
      • Its the energy given by the electrons to the bulb,resisitor,motor etc
      • The P.D. in a series circuit is split between each component but will always equal the P.D. across the cell
      • In P.D. in a parallel circuit is the same across each component and will equal the PD across the cell


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