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  • electricity
    • kinetic energy
      • kinetic energy is moving object
    • specific heat capacity this is the amount of energy need to increase the temperature of object by 1 percent
  • equation for kinetic energy is  0.5 x mass height
  • elastic potential energy
  • equation for specific heat capacity  equals to mass x height x heat capacity
  • work done  is the energy transfer
  • efficiency
  • is the fraction of energy that is transfer an object
    • calactulating power
  • cooling of building
    • the higher the thermal conductivity ,the higher the rate of energy transfer by conduction to the material
  • use of double glazing in (windows)  prevent the realse of thermal energy because double glazed windows has low thermal conductivity which means less thermal energy leaves the house
    • ( walls)cravity some walls have can easily  prevent the realse of thermal enegy from between the walls of houses ,builder pack the cavity with insulating material which has low thermal conductivity
  • loft insulation  to protect the  thermal energy form the roof of the house  because it las low thermal conductivity
    • how to reduce thermal conductivity form the house
  • energy from fossil fuels
  • many people get their energy from fossil fuels for example coal, gas  as many industries use fossil fuels for many purposes
    • advantages they can be use  for transport ,generate electricity
      • they are reliable  they can release a great deal of energy they are abundant  they are versatile. they are very cheap interms of supply
  • release carbon dioxide contributing to climate change  , they are non renewable , they can release other particle  eg buring coal can release sulfr dioxide which cause acidic rain
  • nuclear power
  • non renewable
    • disadvantage
  • they doesn't release carbondixode  , it is very reliable
    • advantage
  • it can produce contain higly radioactive material and very dangerous when release to the atmosphere , nuclear power takes years to decommission and it is very expensive ., they can realease higly dangerous radioactive waste and can be stores for many years
  • the UK mix energy
  • stwich to renewable power
  • windpower . the uk has got one of the best location for wind power in the world
  • example of other renewable resources  are solar energy and biofuels
  • disavdantge of renewable resources . 1 wind speed can vary  and affects the amount of electricity
  • how to improve renewable resources. use of based load that can constantly generates .2. use gas fired powering station to provide energy in times of high demands
  • renewable resources are resources that can be replenished
  • building houses with  materials with low thermal conductivity  , build houses with thick walls which helps to reduce the rate of energy transfer


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