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  • Electricity
    • Density
      • Density = Mass/Volume (m/V)
      • The amount of mass in a volume.
      • Tells us how tightly matter is packed together
    • Why can you compress a gas but not a solid?
      • Gases are far apart and have space between their particles. Also their particles move randomly.
      • Solids are in fixed positions, and have a strong attraction. They can't move too.
    • State of Matter
      • Properties of a solid
        • High density
        • can vibrate
        • Fixed positions
        • Held together
      • Properties of a liquid
        • Move around
        • Medium density
        • Random
        • Can't squash
      • Properties of a gas
        • No shape
        • particle move randomly
        • Can be squashed
        • Low density
        • Particles are far apart
      • Conservation of Mass
        • Despite chemical reactions or physical transformation mass is conserved
        • It cannot be created or destroyed
        • Changing state is a physical change
    • Specific Latent Heat
      • Latent heat is the amount of heat energy transferred to a substance when it changes state.
      • Specific latent heat is the amount of heat energy required to change the state of 1kg of a substance
      • SLH of fusion is a solid to a liquid (melting)
      • SLH of vaporisation is a liquid to a gas (boiling)
      • SLH (J/KG) = Energy(J) / Mass(KJ)
    • Eternal Energy
      • Particles in a system vibrate or move around
        • They have energy in their kinetic energy stores.
      • The faster they move, the greater the kinetic energy store.
      • The particles also have energy in their potential energy store.
      • The total energy that particles in a system is equal to the sum of kinetic and potential energy stores.
      • We call this total energy, the internal energy of the system.


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