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  • Electricity
    • Electric charge & Current
      • Electric charge
        • Measured in Coulombs (C)
        • Q = It
          • Charge = Current X time
      • Electric current
        • The flow of electric charge
          • The greater the rate of flow, the greater the current
        • Measures in Amperes/Amps (A)
          • Using an a meter
        • Stays the same throughout series circuit
        • Splits in a parallel circuit
    • Resistors and Other Components
      • Potential difference-current graphs (V-I graphs)
        • Show the relationship between voltage and   current
        • Straight line through origin
          • Voltage and current are directly proportional
            • Resistance is constant
        • Steep gradient
          • Low resistance
            • Large current and small voltage
        • Shallow gradient
          • Large potential difference is needed for small current
            • High resistance
        • Non linear graph (not straight line)
          • The value of R is not constant
            • Resistance changes as current changes
      • Resistors
        • Ohmic conductor
          • Current is directly proportional to potential difference
            • At constant temp
            • Resistance remains constant as current changes
              • At constant temp
      • Filament lamps
        • As current increase, temperature increases
      • Diodes
        • Current will only flow in one direction
          • Very high resistance in opposite direction
          • Shown by horizontal line along x-axis
            • No current flows
      • Thermistors
        • Resistance decreases as temp increases
          • Useful in circuits where temp control or response is needed
            • Useful in thermostat circuits to switch off at certain temps
      • Light Dependent Resistors
        • Resistance decreases as light intensity increases
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