Circulatory & Breathing Systems

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  • Respiratory & Circulatory System
    • Exchange & Transport
      • stay alive-  organisms must transport into cells...
        • ... things they need from environment.
      • Transport out waste products from environment
        • Can be transported into or out of cells.
          • Osmosis, diffusion or active transport.
      • Gas exchange- lungs.
        • Occurs in alveoli.
          • Have large surface area, short diffusion  pathway...
          • ........ good blood and air supply- due to ventilation.
    • Lungs
      • Responsible for gas exchange
      • Breathe  in- air flows through trachea and bronchi.
        • Diaphragm & intercostal muscles contract
          • Relax- breathe out
      • Short diffusion pathway, huge surface area, good blood & air supplies
    • Diffusion
      • Substances move in & out of cells
        • Random motion of particles in liquids & gases
          • Particles press out- till concentrationequal
      • A pump- double circulatory system
        • Heart rate controlled by pacemaker


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