ELECTRIC GUITARS- 16 mark question A LEVEL

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    • single coil pickup
      • uses one coil to  convert the vibration of strings into an electric signal
    • humbucker pickup
      • uses two coils to cancel out interference picked up by single coil pickups
    • neck
      • the neck of the guitar- the long bit with the fret board and strings etc
    • strings
      • the strings on the guitar
    • frets
      • bits of metal all the way up the fret board that separate the pitches
    • picking
    • strumming
    • pickup selector
      • a switch on the guitar that lets you choose what pickup you want to use
    • quarter inch jack socket
      • a jack socket that's 1/4 of an inch, standard jack socket
    • Floyd rose
      • type of vibrato (whammy bar) created by Floyd rose
    • whammy bar
      • also known as tremolo arm- adds vibrato
    • nut
      • guides strings to tuning peg
    • locking nut
      • stops strings going out of tune after using the whammy bar
    • truss rod
      • pole that runs through the neck- stabilizes it
    • body
      • what the guitar looks like e.g Gibson les paul


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