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  • Electoral Systems
    • FPTP
      • Used in: House of Commons and Scottish and English local government
      • Single member system
      • One person, one vote
      • Constituencies are of equal size
        • Electoral Comissions
        • Boundaries Commission for Scotland and Wales
      • Each constituency has one returning candidate (winner takes all)
      • Winner takes plurality of votes
    • AMS
      • 2 votes - 1 for a candidate in a constituency and 2 for a party on a party list
      • Used in Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Greater London Assembly
      • Mixed system
        • constituency votes
        • party list votes
      • proportion of seats done by constituencies
        • Wales = 66%
        • England = 56%
      • top- up with votes from a "closed" party list
    • Single Transferable Vote
      • multi-member constituency
        • Northern Ireland - 18 constituencies each returning 6 representatives.
      • A winning candidate must reach the quota of votes
      • Quote  figured out by the Droop Formula
        • totally number of votes cast / (number of  seats to be filled +1) +1
      • If party gets quota from first preference votes they will be given extra second preference votes
      • Used in NI for European Parliament & in England and Scotland local governments
      • Party is able to put as many candidates up
      • Electors vote in preference 1, 2, 3
      • if prIf this process leaves seats unfilled the smallest candidate drops out and second preference vote is redistributed
    • Regional Party List
      • Used in European Parliament
      • Electors vote for parties not candidates
      • There are a number of large constituencies
        • UK divided into 12 - with 3-10 representatives
      • Political parties compile a list of candidates in preference
      • parties allocate seats directly proportional to votes got
      • Fill seats with party list candidates
    • SV/AV
      • single member system
      • AV: electors vote preferentially
      • SV: 2 votes one for first preference and two for supplementary preference
      • Winning candidate must recieve 50% of votes
      • If no one gets 50%
        • AV- eliminate bottom candidate and redistribute votes
        • SV: keep top 2 and redistribute all the supplementary votes


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