supplementary vote

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  • supplementary vote
    • two columns on the ballot paper
      • one for first choice
      • other for second choice
    • 1) voters first preference are counted
      • if one gets 50% of votes, then they are elected
    • 2) if no one gets 50% vote
      • 2 highest candidates are retained
        • others eliminated
    • 3) second preference votes are counted
      • any votes for the remaining candidates are given to them
    • 4) whoever has the most votes wins
    • used to elect mayor of London
    • weaknesses
      • doesn't help under represented
      • no transfer of powers to voters
      • candidates may not be supported by majority of constituents
      • doesn't eliminate tactical voting
      • doesn't ensure winner has support of at least 50% electorate
    • strengths
      • few wasted votes
      • candidates encouraged to work harder for majority
      • more choice
      • less safe seats


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