Religious attitudes towards the elderly

A condensed revision map of 3 religious attitudes towards the elderly and caring for them, as well as a little bit on what determines a our quality of life.

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  • Elderly and care
    • Hinduism
      • Family is central to hindu life, we must care for our family.
      • 'Pitri jajna' one of the 5 daily duties. It means you should respect your parents and fulfull their wishes
      • The elderly are expected to teach the young hindu scriptures.
    • Buddhism
      • It's our duty to care for our parents when they are vunerable as they did the same for us when we were young.
      • Caring for the elderly brings good karma therfore a better reincarnation.
    • Christianity
      • It says in the bible: "Honour your father an mother"
      • "love thy neighbour"
      • There are many christian charities set up which help the elderly.
    • What determines our quality of life?
      • Being loved and wanted
      • Being able to have a self-fulfilled life.
      • Being able to have relationships


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