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  • E.Lang
    • Q1: Writing
      • think about audience and purpose
      • develop ideas
      • avoid repetition
      • 3 bullet points (more detail in third)
    • Q2: Powerful Phrases
      • Difine word
      • use whole quote
      • how does it effect the audience?... Symapthetic   Suprised       Wary/Tense   Axious
      • shows a sense of...
    • Q3: Summary
      • Use full sentences
      • FInd all 15 (or below a D)
    • Forms of Writing
      • Speach
        • First person    Direct address     Clear paras and topics  Varied sentences (short, informal, formal)
      • Diary
        • First person Date at top Clear     paragraphs   Show feelings
      • Letter
        • Dear...    Intro     Details    Wishes for future
      • Article
        • Headline  Unbaised WitnessquoteEnd with future plans and predictions Time connectives


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