Eisenhower and the Vietnam War

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  • Eisenhower and the Vietnam War
    • Wished to continue Trumans containment of communism
    • Secretary of State: John Foster/ Dulles
    • Geneva Accords 1954
      • Decided Vietnam would be divided at the 17th parallel
      • Vietminh control the North, Bao Dai and the French control the South
        • Both to withdraw from each others states
      • Laos and Cambodia - neutral states
      • Elections to be held in 1956
      • No foreign troops in any of the territories
      • US not directly involved and refuse to sign the accords
    • US decide South Vietnam need a strong man
      • Chose Diem who was backed by the CIA
        • Bao Dai appoints Diem as prime minister 1954
    • Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) established
      • Became heavily involved in the training of the ARVN in 1955
    • French withdraw - US now supply essential support to South Vietnam
    • 1956 Elections
      • Diem refuses and holds his own rigged election
        • Takes over from Bao Dai as leader and proclaims the Republic of Vietnam
      • Angers the Vietminh but they are too busy with their own state
      • US although unimpressed with this do little, as anything is better than the south being communist
    • SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organization) 1954
      • Consisted of Manilla, Australia, New Zealand, France, Britain, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and the USA.
      • A mutual defence for the containment of communism
      • Technically it didnt break the Geneva Accords as they'd made alliances with outside powers
    • Between 1955 and 1961 Eisenhower committed political/military advisors and $7 billion to Diem's South Vietnam


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