Eisenhower New Look Policy

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  • Eisenhower's New Look Plan
    • Hard line approach to Communism
    • Massive Retaliation
      • The USA would make greater use of nuclear threats
      • Place less reliance on conventional weapons
      • Situations in which MR would be used were kept vague
    • Brinkmanship
      • To go to the verge of war but not getting into war
      • 1953 USA warned China that if they didn't end the Korean War soon they'd use nuclear weapons.
      • 1954 Chinese Communists bombing Quemoy
        • The US told them to stop or military action would be used once again
    • Increased Covert Operations
      • 1953 CIA operation to ensure that pro-Western Reza would be instated in Iran
      • 1954 CIA backed coup against left wing Guatemalan President Guzman
      • Development of U-2 spy planes to aid intelligence gathering
    • Eisenhower Doctrine 1957
      • Designed to halt communist penetration of the Middle East
      • Stop Middle East oil supplies falling into hostile hands
    • Domino Theory 1954
      • If one country falls to communism they all will
      • Vietnam
        • Loas
        • Cambodia
        • Thailand
        • Malaya
      • SEATO 1954
        • Military alliance between USA and South East Asia


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