Egyptian Medicine

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  • Egyptian Medicine
    • Egyptian Knowledge about the body and disease
      • Channel Theory- crutial breakthrough - moving away from superstition
      • Four Humours
      • Superstitious  Theories and staring to move off theories
    • Religion
      • Mummification body was believed to be needed in the after life
        • Increased knowledge on the organs. Hindered knowlegde- experimentation forbid on the body
      • Cleanliness
        • had toilets and baths
    • Egyptian civillsation
      • Developed writing  - Could record findings down (Herbal remedies ect)
      • Created ships and went travelling around the world bringing back herbs for medicine
      • developed metal tools - could do simple surgery - removing cataracts from the eye
    • Aslepious  (Greek god of healing)
      • Aslepions (temples of worship)
        • Monks worked in the temples carrying out healing of prayer and herbal remedies to those that came to stay
        • When people went to stay Aslepious would heal them in their dreams
        • Supernatural/ Spiritual approach to healing
    • Hippocrates
      • Diagnossis - prognosis -observation-treatment.
      • Believed that the body was in balance. Linked it to the seasons. (4 Humours)


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