GCSE History - Egyptian Civilisation

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  • Egyptian Civilisation
    • First of world's greatest civilisations
    • Believed 'spirits' caused illnesses
      • Blocking channels in the body
      • But...
        • Used natural cures
        • And reinforced by prayers
    • What did they do?
      • Created stability for society
      • Created a settled farming economy
      • Developed a formal religion
        • Priests
          • Evolved into professional doctors
        • Rituals
          • Mummification
        • Temples
      • Invented skills of writing and calculations
        • Develop ideas
        • Record cures
    • Travelled and traded all over the world
    • Developed a wealthy way of life
    • Channel Theory
      • River Nile and body are linked
      • Blockage in river = blockage in body


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