Limiting factors photosynthesis

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      • high
        • more CO2 fixation in LIS
          • more GP, TP and RuBP made
      • low
        • less CO2 available for fixation
          • less GP and TP produced
      • concentration can be increased by burning fuels
      • high
        • more excitation of electrons so more photophosphorylation
          • more ATP and reduced NADP formed
            • more GP reduced and phosphorylated to TP
            • more TP phosphorylated to RuBP
      • low
        • GP not changed to TP
          • less RuBP formed
            • less CO2 fixed so less GP formed
      • used to excite electrons
      • used for photolysis of water
      • causes stomata to open to allow CO2 in
      • No effect on LDS as no enzymes used
      • LIS is series of biochemical steps catalysed by enzymes
        • between 0-25 degrees
          • rate roughly doubles for every 10 degree increase
        • above 25 degrees
          • enzymes work less efficiently as they change shape and denature
          • oxygen more likely to bind with rubisco
            • less CO2 fixation
          • more water loss
            • stomata close
              • less CO2
      • can be controlled using:
        • heater
        • ventilation
        • air conditioning


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