Effects of the depression

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  • Effects of the depression
    • Who was affected?
      • farmers
        • prices for food fell
      • Business men
        • businesses closed and incomes fell
      • Factory workers
        • 40% of all factory workers were unemployed by 1932
      • Young people
        • over half of 16-30 year olds were unemployed.
    • Housing
      • large influx of homelessness - camps were set up.
    • Weimar Government
      • Social Democrats pulled out of coalition bringing article 48 into play. But the chancellor was old and was ruled by army and business leaders
      • Brought in new unpopular policies such as raised taxes, cut wages and reduced nemployment benefits
      • Rise of extremist parties because the current govt was failing - communist parties said the depression was proof that the capitalist system was doomed


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