Affects of Sea Rise in East Anglia

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  • Effects of Sea Rise in East Anglia
    • Norfolk
      • King's Lynn
        • Settlements may be under threat
          • agricultural land at risk from flooding
            • lots of people would have to leave
      • Norfolk Broads
        • Popular tourist destination bringing in £5million
          • Floods would destroy the economy
      • Coast Line
        • Current sea defences need strengthening
    • Essex
      • Thames Barrier
        • Need to be replaced every 30-50 years
        • At risk from flooding
        • Protects £80bn worth of buildings
          • Floods affect housing, industry and farmland
      • low lying mudflats and marshes vulnerable
        • 22% of East Anglia's salt marshes could be lost by 2050
    • Suffolk
      • Storm surge killed 300 people in 1953
        • would kill more now
      • Eroded 1m per year
      • 20000 people evacuated


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