Case Study- Effects of Resource Extraction : Logging in Camerooon

A midmap on a case study on logging (commercial wood production) in Cameroon, uner the heading of 'Effects of reource extraction'

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  • Logging in Cameroon
    • Roads built by logging companies have opened up to illegal loggers and commercial hunting
      • elephants, gorilla, chimpanzees
        • High price meat sold to resturaunts
    • Baka Pigmies
      • Tribesmen employed for a few days
      • Show the best of their trees
      • Destruction of own environment
    • Employed Baka
      • Work in Sawmills
      • No protective clothing given for work
      • Wood is treated with toxic products
        • Parasites
        • Fungus
      • Harmful when they breathe it in


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