Unit 3: Pesticide Pollution - Effects

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  • Effects of Pesticide Pollution
    • Direct Effects
      • Kill non-target species due to toxicity
      • Cause infertility to non-target species and reduce breeding rates so the population cannot be maintained
    • Indirect Effects
      • May reduce food availability (starvation)
      • May increase predator numbers (over predation)
    • Organochlorine Insecticides e.g. DDT
      • Very persistent (liposilble) so bioaccumulates/magnifies
      • Causes infertility in birds - egg shells weak so break
    • Organophosphate Insecticides e.g. parathion
      • Not very persistent
      • High mammal toxicity
      • Sheep farmers exposed suffered nervous system damage
    • Pyrethroids e.g. pyethrum
      • Not very persistent or toxic - fewer problems
      • High fish and non-target insect toxicity e.g. butterfly/bees


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