Weimar Germany - Effects of hyperinflation

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  • Effects of Hyperinflation
    • Businesses
      • Impossible to set prices for businesses as you don't know how much they will increase
      • Deciding to set wages in difficult
      • Physically difficult to hand over wages
      • Profits dissapeared, banks wouldn't help
    • Shopkeepers
      • Didn't know what prices to charge
      • Impossible to give change, too difficult to count it out
      • Cannot know if you are making a profit or not
      • Dealing with customers is impossible
    • Workers
      • Money has to be spent as soon as it is earnt
      • Working gives you something worthless
    • Savers and pensioners
      • Savings have no value as prices are going up so much
        • By 1923 a pension was not enough to buy a cup of coffee
      • Banks went out of business
    • Farmer
      • Had stuff everybody wanted
      • Could sell food for huge profits


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