AS PE OCR A+P Effects of a warm up

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  • Effects of a Warm Up
    • Increased heart rate, stroke volume + cardiac output
      • Increases the amount of blood + oxygen to the working muscles
    • Increased body temperature
      • increased blood temperature
        • increased blood viscosity
          • blood flows faster through the capillaries to the working muscles
      • increased flexibility of muscles
        • increased stretching of tendons and ligaments.. Increased range of movements at joints
          • decreased risk of injury
    • Increased speed and force of muscle contraction
      • Increased efficiency of antagonistic pairs
        • faster nerve impulses sent to working muscles
    • Greater Enzyme Activity
      • more energy to working muscles
    • Greater O2 dissociates from  haemoglobin
    • Greater influence of synovial fluid (thinner)
    • Vasodilation of arteries going to muscles
      • because we need more blood to working muscles


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