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A mindmap of effects

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  • Effects
    • Flange
      • Produced by mixing two identical signals together, with one delayed by no more than 20ms. Effect produced is a swept filter effect.
    • Phaser
      • Like Flange, Phaser is a time delay effect. Produces a whoosing sound which is less swooping than a flanger - a flanger sound is more subtle set to the same speed as a phaser.
        • Sound produced is a lot more of a watery effect than a flanger pedal
    • Chorus
      • Occurs when individual sounds with roughly the same timbre and almost the same pitch are perceived as one.
        • Creates the effect of a group from one sound
        • Adds a rich, lush, shimmering quality to the sound.
    • Distortion
      • Compressing the peaks of a musical instrument's sound wave and adding overtones.
        • Discovered when Dave Davies of The Kinks (late 60s) got bored with the clean sound of his Elpico amplifier
          • He split the speaker cone with a razor - later attaching the Elpico to a larger VOX AC30 amp and this became a mainstay sound for the Kinks.
    • Overdrive
      • Overdrive is a type of distortion which uses soft clipping
        • It has a more subtle, hollow sound with less sustain.


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